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    June 25, 2008



    ok... i admit, i watch my one and only soap... "all my children".

    when i was a kid living with my grandparents, the world literally STOPPED so they could watch this show every day. fast forward to my college days... i planned my classes around it... fast forward to now... it's recorded daily on my dvr and it's the first thing i watch when i get home from work {i call it my "me time"}.

    craig thinks i'm nuts, but i love how the plot still twists around story lines i remember when i was a kid. plus, where else can you watch an hour show every day forever with no reruns or hiatus??

    one day i'll get craig hooked... one day.

    ps - 25 years later, the world STILL stops at my grandparents house for this show! i love it! :)


    i am sure there's nothing i watch that would be surprising. this season however, i'm hooked on 'so you think you can dance'. i always wished that i had the coordination to dance, but the closest i ever got was baton recitals. yep, i said it, baton!

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